Gambling Superstitions

Universal Gambling Superstitions

The untold truth about gamblers is that they can be christened as the most superstitious people. The gamblers love to embark on a profusion of exploits to enhance their odds and win over their beloved Lady Luck’s kiss. While these superstitions remain fluid across the globe varying from country to country – with a harmonious concoction of universal and local myths.

Lucky Charms

The popular belief that particular spectral objects will enhance your probability of winning by coercing Lady Luck to embrace you. This mystic item is the rabbit’s foot, which can be observed as part of one’s keychain or tightly clenched in one’s hand. Lady charm can take any form from a piece of jewellery to even a picture.

Gamblers are known for their penchant in associating a winning streak with objects. For instance, when a gambler won, he was wearing a hat, and he might start to view this hat as a lucky charm now. Ultimately, your lucky charm need not restricted to an item; it can also be accorded to a person – maybe it was along with your significant other and not your hat!


It is not any hazy rituals that are being discussed here; instead, these are the elementary ones like crossing fingers or blowing on dice. Now examine any movie that has portrayed craps; each of those movies has depicted someone blows on the dice for good luck.

crossing fingers

Certain other popular rituals are tapping on wood to even kissing your companion. In ancient China, the popular belief was that the colour red would bestow on you luck, and it is customary to see people wear red while gambling.

Leaving the Table

This belief is fascinating. There are people who believe that leaving the table would bring you bad luck, and hence they try and avoid doing it while gambling. In contrast, there is another group that believes standing or moving around will enhance their chances to the extent of altering the odds in their favour. So which side of the table are you on? The easier one would be the latter considering the restroom recess because otherwise, your luck might just run out.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

The knowledge about number thirteen is associated with bad luck is not a futuristic belief; instead has been there with us since time immemorial. The creative news is that this number is perceived as a lucky number by many gamblers. In China, the popular belief is associated with the term Lucky seven, and numerous slot machines revolve around this number to confer on them luck. At the same time, in Japan, there exist a sinister gaze at number four, which is believed to furnish bad luck because of the similarity in pronunciation between four and death.

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